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  • HL10 (70 Lumens) Image 1

    HL10 (70 Lumens)

    The Fenix HL10 Headlamp puts 70 lumen max output in a featherweight case that opens to release a mini flashlight. Three brightness levels deliver a 90 degree beam with a 100 degree tilt inside the durable case that measures only 45.2 g(1.59oz).
  • HL22

    HL22 R4 (120 Lumens)

    The new Fenix HL22 headlamp offers three useful brightness levels with 120-Lumen max output and up to 55 hours of runtime from a single AA battery. A 90-meter carry distance and IPX-6 waterproof certification mean the durable, easy-switching HL22 performs in a wide range of conditions such as hiking, camping, climbing, etc.
  • HL23 R5 (150 Lumens)

    HL23 R5 (150 Lumens)

    This is a classic work horse, developed for that environment where you need a headlamp to handle the harshest conditions. Rugged aluminum housing and waterproof construction, the IP68 rated HL23 headlamp is ready for anything you can throw at it. Armed with a powerful Cree XP-G2 LED, this AA battery powered headlamp provides 150-lumen output with a 180-foot/55-meter beam distance. Featuring three brightness levels and burst mode, the HL23 is a great choice for your nighttime adventures.
  • HL25 R5 (280 Lumens

    HL25 R5 (280 Lumens)

    This is a classic work horse, developed for that environment where you need a headlamp to handle the harshest conditions. Rugged aluminum housing and waterproof construction, the IP68 rated HL25 headlamp is ready for anything you can throw at it. Armed with a powerful Cree XP-G2 LED, this triple AAA battery powered headlamp provides 280-lumen output with a 223-foot/68-meter beam distance. Featuring three brightness levels and burst mode, the HL25 is a great choice for your nightime adventures.
  • Fenix Flashlight HL30 2015 (230 Lumens)

    HL30 2015 (230 Lumens)

    This is the 2015 model of the new HL30G2. This model features an exclusive broad-beam system which illuminates your whole area with unmatched clarity and consistency. This is the perfect match for your camp area, hobby area, or work place environment. The HL30 is a 230-Lumen AA-battery headlamp will run a remarkable 150 hours on low mode. The integrated red light protects night vision while map reading even when the conditions are extremely adverse. The high intensity, outstanding flood light illumination, compact design, and waterproofing to IPX-6 standard makes the headlamp perfectly suitable for various outdoor hiking activities.

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    Special Price: $44.95

  • HL35 (450 Lumens)

    HL35 (450 Lumens)

    Fenix calls this "high-performance, indestructible." An IP68 rated product! This is phenomenal. Fenix continues to improve their product line and lumen output by offering products with multiple battery sources. With the addition of the Fenix 14500 Li-ion battery to the product line, you now have the power to hit those high lumens for your specific needs.

    The new Fenix HL35 has the perfect vision-friendly neutral white LED to allow better color rendition in darkness, rain, and fog. The optimized orange-peel reflector creates a smooth, wide beam. Based on your demand, Fenix has produced this headlamp to the IPX68 rating--waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant. Now this is what should be on your head.

    The HL35 us dual powered: use the standard AA battery or increase your lumen output by using a 14500 Li-ion battery. This all-around headlamp features more functions like a moonlight mode with an extended runtime of 600 hours, an SOS mode, and a secondary red light mode...plus more.

    Regular Price: $59.99

    Special Price: $49.95

  • Fenix Flashlight HL50 (365 Lumens)

    HL50 (365 Lumens)

    Ultra compact design and powered by CR123A battery, the 2-meter submersible all-weather HL50 headlamp helps you reach new heights in your outdoor adventures. The Fenix HL50 headlamp features 360 lumens neutral white output and the ability to use either CR23A or AA batteries. You can pop the lighting head out for handheld or keychain use with the always-ready HL50.
  • Fenix Flashlight HL55 (900 Lumens)

    HL55 (900 Lumens)

    The Fenix HL55 headlamp offers four brightness levels plus 900-lumen burst mode and 150-hour runtime from one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. Neutral white light means superior definition and penetration in high-humidity environments. A 380 foot/116-meter carry distance reaches farther while the side switch on the head is all you need for ON/OFF, output selection, and burst. With all-metal housing and ANSI rated, the HL55 matches all-season backcountry and cave exploration.
  • HP01

    HP01 (210 Lumens)

    Agility and simplified operation put the Fenix HP01 headlamp in places few lights dare to go. From technical trails to complex repair duties, the HP01 features a 210-Lumen output, four brightness levels, SOS mode, and red reading light. the patented quick-change battery system makes switching batteries faster to keep this durable, wide-ranging headlamp leading the way.
  • HP05

    HP05 (350 Lumens)

    The new Fenix HP05 headlamp reshapes hands-free lighting to combine close-in and distance illumination. Four brightness levels, SOS mode, and a vision-preserving red light are featured, along with a quick-change battery system. An 80-degree beam angle and 60-degree tile make the HP05 a worthy after-dark companion powered by common AA batteries.
  • HP12 (900 Lumens)

    HP12 (900 Lumens)

    We are super excited about this new headlamp. Freezeproof from -40 degrees, waterproof to 6.5 feet, and shockproof from 6.5 feet, the compact HP12 headlamp can handle all that Mother Nature can throw at it. Built to deliver go-anywhere flexibility, the HP12 headlamp features a 900-lumen burst mode, four brightness levels and separate battery box for excellent fore-aft balance. From ice-cold North Pole to rainy tropical rainforest, the HP12 headlamp keeps your thrilling adventures going.
  • HP15UE

    HP15UE (900 Lumens)

    Besides an optimized size, the Fenix HP15 Ultimate Edition features a dedicated switch makes 900-lumen burst mode directly accessible even if the light is off. With six outputs including SOS, rugged aluminum chassis, and IPX-6 waterproof rating, this headlamp is a reliable tool for mountaineering, searching, caving, and more.
  • HP25 (360 Lumens)

    HP25 (360 Lumens)

    The Fenix HP25 Headlamp puts you in charge as conditions change with 20 distinct lighting patterns. Two dedicated light sources combine with an individual control system to deliver flood and spot combinations up to 360 lumens from 4 AA batteries. With beam distance up to 153 meters and runtime to nine days, HP25 opens up new worlds of all-season backcountry and cave exploration.
  • HP30

    HP30 (900 Lumens)

    You've have been waiting on this! The new Fenix HP30 Headlamp employs high capacity, belt-mounted 18650 cells to generate a power 900 Lumens in Burst mode and 500 Lumens in High mode. An extended 233-meter beam distance reaches farther while the detachable diffuser lens switches quickly from spot to flood. when needed, the battery box USB port stands ready to power critical navigation and communication devices.
  • HP40F ($50 Lumens)

    HP40F (450 Lumens)

    Fish all night long...

    The Fenix HP40F headlamp puts visibility where it counts without disturbing the fish. The variable LED output and two color options allow precise illumination for still fishing early and late. High power blue light with 78.75-foot beam distance and up to 8.5 hours of rutime turns the HP40F headlamp into a powerful tool from the boat, dock, and shore.

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    Special Price: $89.95

  • HP40H (450 Lumens)

    HP40H (450 Lumens)

    Fenix has now designed the Fenix HP40H LED headlamp specifically for hunters. No more red filter to deal with--you have the red LED built in to the headlamp. You have control over your environment with a white flood for all your outdoor activities or a featured red spot light when needed to allow for night vision without interferring with the animal wildlife. You get the power of a maximum 150-lumen red LED with a 344-foot beam distance or a maximum 450 lumen white LED with a maximum beam distance of 360 feet. Then for all your emergency needs, you have a 180-Lumen SOS mode. The separate battery box which provides a balanced carry makes the Fenix HP40F a perfect companion for your outdoor activities.

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