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TK Series

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  • Fenix Flashlight TK09 G2 (450 Lumens)

    TK09 G2 (450 Lumens)

    Introducing the newest in the TK Series. The Fenix TK09 flashlight drives output to 450 lumens and features our exclusive Tactical Tap switch which provies instant access to momentary-on, constant-on, and output selection. Knurled for easy grip and suitable for rail mounting, the grip ring-equipped TK09 excels in demanding situations.

    Regular Price: $79.95

    Special Price: $59.95

  • Fenix Flashlight TK15C (450 Lumens)

    TK15C Multi-Color LED (450 Lumens)

    Fenix TK15 features a powerful, tough, durable, and fully waterproof design intended for harsh outdoor conditions. Operating on one 18650 Li-ion battery or two CR123A Lithium batteries, the multi-level dimmer function makes a perfect combination of extreme brightness and ultra long runtime. The innovative side dimmer operation is very simple and rapid. Therefore TK15 will be the reliable partner when hunting, searching and rescuing, etc.

    Regular Price: $99.95

    Special Price: $79.95

  • Fenix Flashlights TK22 2014 (920 Lumens)

    TK22 - 2014 Edt. (920 Lumens)

    The best-selling TK22 has been upgraded to a powerful 920 Lumens!

    The Fenix TK22 2014 flashlight boosts the power of a favorite model to 920 lumens to equip law enforcement, rescue and outdoor users for challenging lighting scenarios. One 18650 or two CR123A batteries run long and reach far in a durable package that features a ringless beam pattern.

    Regular Price: $109.99

    Special Price: $84.95

  • TK32 L2 (900 Lumens)

    TK32 L2 (900 Lumens)

    The TK32 is a 900-Lumen beast with integrated red, green, and blue LEDS. Amazing! Thanks to the enlarged reflector and Cree XM-L2 U2 LED, the TK32 flashlight transforms one 18650 battery into a 400-meter extended reach beam. The dual tail switch system is all you need to control this multi-color hunting flashlight. Perfect light for hunting, tracking, and other low-light applications.

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price: $94.95

  • TK35 L2-U2 900 Lumens

    TK35 L2 (900 Lumens)

    TK35 is an extremely high-intensity multifunctional flashlight. Using Cree XM-L (U2) LED, it can deliver a significantly max 900 lumen output. Offering 4 brightness levels, strobe and hidden functions, it can be powered by the frost-resistant CR123A lithium batteries or large-capacity 18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. With the unique batteries holder design and the dual switch in the tail cap. TK35 shows great power in various outdoor activities, such as exploring, camping, searching and caving, etc.

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price: $99.95

  • TK35 UE 1800 Lumens

    TK35 UE (1800 Lumens)

    Some boundaries are made to be pushed. Thanks to the revolutionary Cree MT-G2 LED, the TK35 Ultimate Edition produces 1800-lumen maximum output while still keeping the size and power options intact. Besides the output boost, the neutral white Cree MT-G2LED also provides better color rendition. The light features dual tail switch system for one hand operation.

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price: $129.95

  • Fenix Flashlight TK41 L2 (900 Lumens)

    TK41 L2 (900 Lumens)

    Fenix TK41 is a high-intensity multifunctional flashlight powered by AA batteries. The neck-mounted dual switch system can realize a fast selection between four different brightness levels and two various flashing functions. Featuring a max 900 lumens output and over ten days ultra long runtime, the light can meet your illuminating needs unconditionally. In the meanwhile, the unique design makes TK41 much more compact and lightweight. With the perfect combination of outstanding performance and delightful user experience, TK41 is the dependable partner when outdoor searching, caving or using as a spare light for automobiles, etc.

    Regular Price: $159.95

    Special Price: $129.95

  • TK51 L2 (1800 Lumens)

    TK51 L2 (1800 Lumens)

    New Fenix TK51 - Double duty intense light: Spot and Flood at your Control

    The new Fenix TK51 flashlight employs dual LEDs to increase total output with 16 wide-ranging lighting options. Spot and flood beams include 1800 lumen max output and 425 carry distance. For that control, one button instant turbo and strobe activate even when the TK51 is turned off.
  • Fenix TK61U2 (1000 Lumens)

    TK61U2 (1000 Lumens)

    The unbelievable 824-meter throw is a sword to split the dark. The handheld searchlight is scaled for ultra-long reach and extended runtime. Utilizing a CREE XM-KL2 UE LED, the light reaches 824 meters with a 1000 maximum lumen output. It has four brightness levels with instant turbo and strobe function controlled by dual on-body switches. Powered by four 18650 batteries, the TK61 provides over four hours of turbo output and is also compatible with the TK75 extended runtime kit.
  • Fenix TK75-L2 Image 1

    TK75 L2 (2900 Lumens)

    With the Fenix TK75, four 18650 rechargeable cells are stunningly transformed into 2900 lumen max output. Throwing 2264ft with an 80 degree plus beam angle lets the TK75 light up extended terrain. The stainless crown, strobe and SOS functionality as well as the on-body dual switch system make the TK75 a trustworthy carry on search, caving and scouting missions.

    Regular Price: $229.95

    Special Price: $199.95

  • Fenix TK76

    TK76 (2800 Lumens)

    Fenix enters the "space age" with the TK76!

    The TK75 utilized 3 separate LEDs to offer a broad range of illumination options and power display function. Output up to 2800 lumens creates instense area light combined with long reach. Ideal for team leaders needing high output and multiple beam patterns, the TK76 is a a powerful addition to a team's onsite lighting tool with instant turbo, strobe, and SOS.

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