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New Arrivals
  • E99Ti - Titanium Ltd. Edt.

    E99Ti - Titanium Ltd. Edt.

    Fenix E99Ti is a limited edition EC flashlight developed by Fenix with titanium housing in the year of 2014. Made of aircraft-grade Ti alloy with unique metal texture, the E99 Ti flashlight turns AAA tiny into useful personal lighting with 100 lumens max output. Simple twist switch operation manages three brightness levels in this less than 2.75 inch flashlight. Featuring classic appearance, waterproof and resistant to corrosion, wear and impact, the E99Ti flaslight is an ideal choice for your lighting, collection, gift, etc.

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  • HL35 (450 Lumens)

    HL35 (450 Lumens)

    Fenix calls this "high-performance, indestructible." An IP68 rated product! This is phenomenal. Fenix continues to improve their product line and lumen output by offering products with multiple battery sources. With the addition of the Fenix 14500 Li-ion battery to the product line, you now have the power to hit those high lumens for your specific needs.

    The new Fenix HL35 has the perfect vision-friendly neutral white LED to allow better color rendition in darkness, rain, and fog. The optimized orange-peel reflector creates a smooth, wide beam. Based on your demand, Fenix has produced this headlamp to the IPX68 rating--waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistant. Now this is what should be on your head.

    The HL35 us dual powered: use the standard AA battery or increase your lumen output by using a 14500 Li-ion battery. This all-around headlamp features more functions like a moonlight mode with an extended runtime of 600 hours, an SOS mode, and a secondary red light mode...plus more.

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  • HP40F ($50 Lumens)

    HP40F (450 Lumens)

    Fish all night long...

    The Fenix HP40F headlamp puts visibility where it counts without disturbing the fish. The variable LED output and two color options allow precise illumination for still fishing early and late. High power blue light with 78.75-foot beam distance and up to 8.5 hours of rutime turns the HP40F headlamp into a powerful tool from the boat, dock, and shore.

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    Special Price: $49.95

  • LD22 2015 (300 Lumens)

    LD22 2015 (300 Lumens)

    New Fenix 2015 Edition of the LD22G2 is an updated version of our best-selling LD22. The LD22 2015 Edt. still features the compact size while receiving new operation features and a higher output of 300 lumens...all from two AA batteries. The four brighness levels plus Strobe and SOS will meet lighting demands for daily use, hiking, searching, etc.

    An exciting new feature is the Outdoor Mode. In this mode, the Fenix LD22 2015 allows for standard flashlight operation: the side switch controls all output modes and the tail switch simply turns the light on and off. For fast and simplified functionality, the new Tactical Mode turns off the side switch and activates the turbo, strobe, and mid modes through the tactical tail switch.

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  • PD32 2016

    PD32 2016 (900 Lumens)

    The PD32 2016 Edition is an incredible all-around flashlight. It has features that make it ideal for tactical users, outdoor situations, as well as indoor uses. Best of all it's priced at the sub $65.00 mark, making it the same price as many flashlights which don't even come close in terms of performance or build quality.

    Anodized aluminum construction and O-ring seals mean this light is tough and reliable. An IPX-8 waterproofing standard protects this light against water, while its durable materials protect against drops, impacts, scratches, and corrosion.

    The blinding strobe and lightly crenelated bezel provide options for self defense, making this an excellent companion for walking home at night, or a solid choice for a back-up light for police or security personnel.

    The recessed tail switch can be operated with one hand, making this an ideal flashlight for everything from walking your dog, to performing a tactical sweep of a building.

    Multiple output modes give you the bright outputs needed for outdoor landscapes as well as lower settings that will save you from blinding yourself in closer quarters.

    All of this combined makes the PD32 a truly well-rounded flashlight. At 5 inches long, it's the perfect size for a backpack, glove compartment, or utility drawer.

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    Special Price: $42.95

  • TK35 2015 (960 lumens)

    TK35 2015 (960 lumens)

    Fenix TK35 is a convenient extremely high intensity multifunctional flashlight. Using the Cree XM-L(U2) LED, it has an output of 960 Lumens and a 1,165 feet (355 meter) long-throwing beam. It can deliver a significantly high output. Offering 5 brightness levels, strobe, and hidden functions, it can be powered by the frost-resistant CR123A lithium batteries or large-capacity 18650rechargeable Li-ion batteries. With the unique batteries holder and the dual switch in the tail cap, the TK35 shows great power in various outdoor activities, such as exploring, camping, searching, caving, etc.

    Regular Price: $139.95

    Special Price: $64.95

  • TK41C (1000 Lumens)

    TK41C (1000 Lumens)

    Fenix TK41C is a high output AA flashlight that combines white, red and blue light together. It has two switches that work separately on white light output and colored light output. The white light reaches max 1000 lumens and long-range distance to 1,575 feet. Digitally regulated output maintains a constant brightness and the battery compartment’s polarity protection protects against improper battery installation.

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    Special Price: $64.95

  • TK75 2015 Edition (4000 Lumens)

    TK75 2015 Edition (4000 Lumens)

    Wow! Fenix has taken the TK75 from 2900 Lumens to an astonishing 4000 lumens! Look no further if you need a compact flashlight with a phenomenal lumen output as well as beam throw. The Fenix TK75 LED flashlight, with a length of only 7.3 inches, generates a powerful 4000 lumens and is perfect for search and rescue, caving, hunting, or any environment which requires maximum lighting. Imagine a maximum throw of 2,232 (650 meters) feet along with SOS, Strobe, and 4 brightness outputs. Because of the portable, lightweight handling as well as long runtime, the TK75 has become a favorite of those needing optimal performance in extended terrains.

    Does not include free batteries.

    Regular Price: $239.95

    Special Price: $149.95

Our Best Sellers
  • ARB-L2P 3200 mAh 18650

    ARB-L2P 3200 mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery

    Introducing Fenix's newest member of their 18650 product line. The ARB-L2P is a high-capacity 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery specially designed for high-drain devices. With outstanding performance, excellent reliability, and compacy design, it is the best match for high-drain devices such at the Fenix TK-75.

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $11.95

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  • Fenix Flashlight E35UE (900 Lumens)

    E35 UE (900 Lumens)

    Fenix E35UE delivers a max 900-lumen output and 140 hours runtime on low mode with one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. The All-function switch on the head gives you total control of the light. Activating the light or choosing an ideal output is simple and intuitive. Compact, lightweight and waterproof to IPX-8 standard, E35UE is a great light for camping, hunting, hiking, walking the dog, work and more.

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price: $33.95

  • Fenix Flashlight HL55 (900 Lumens)

    HL55 (900 Lumens)

    The Fenix HL55 headlamp offers four brightness levels plus 900-lumen burst mode and 150-hour runtime from one 18650 battery or two CR123A batteries. Neutral white light means superior definition and penetration in high-humidity environments. A 380 foot/116-meter carry distance reaches farther while the side switch on the head is all you need for ON/OFF, output selection, and burst. With all-metal housing and ANSI rated, the HL55 matches all-season backcountry and cave exploration.

    Regular Price: $59.95

    Special Price: $44.95

  • TK51 L2 (1800 Lumens)

    TK51 L2 (1800 Lumens)

    New Fenix TK51 - Double duty intense light: Spot and Flood at your Control

    The new Fenix TK51 flashlight employs dual LEDs to increase total output with 16 wide-ranging lighting options. Spot and flood beams include 1800 lumen max output and 425 carry distance. For that control, one button instant turbo and strobe activate even when the TK51 is turned off.

    Regular Price: $159.95

    Special Price: $54.99